The rules

(Version 24.0; Changes from a previous version are italic)
shall ensure a smooth process of the CityLiga and also provide a basis for the participants to be in good terms with each other.

I. Participation

  1. Requirements:
    • Live for Speed S3 (always the latest version, but no testpatches, S2 also allows for participation, but not in all races)
    • minimum age: 16 years at signing-in
    • registration of an account for the CityLiga-homepage
    • free time on Monday evenings from 20.15 h "German time on (CET/UTC+1 in winter and CEST/UTC+2 in summer, exact dates in the race-schedule)
  2. Sign-In:
  3. Sign-In:
    • If all requirements are fulfiled, Sign-ins for a CityLiga-season are possible.
    • The starting numbers are to be choosen for the whole season. Special numbers, for example 1, 2 and 3 are reserved for accordingly positioned drivers of the previous season or for CityLiga-'veterans' with ten CL-seasons or more.
    • The in-game name is free of choice, as long as swear words, insults and/or the like are not used and the starting number is put in front with a dash, both in white. For example:
      00-Team Name
      LFS supports only 21 characters for names, with every change of colour/language demanding two. Therefore this example wouldn't fit. Heads up when choosing the name (ideally before signing-in)!
    • In Races, where two grids driving combined on one server, drivers of the lower grids hav to end their names with "/2" or "/3" for distinguishing.
    • Nominations for the teams' championship are to be entered in the season's section of the board. 'Groups' of at least two and at most three participants are accepted. Teams where at least two drivers are members of the same existing LFS team (based on the data entered in the sign-in process), will be highlighted as an official team.
      Changes of the team's line-up are generally not allowed, but teams without the maximum number of participants -due to a minimum line-up in the nomination or due to withdrawals from the season or disqualification of team members-, may add participants to their team's line-up until the penultimate round of the season.
      Failure to fulfill the team definition ⇒ special identification marking in the team's championship, removal from the team's championship after the following round
    • Altough Cityliga features a team classification, it is to be understood as a league for individuals. Driver changes are not permitted.
  4. Withdrawal:
    • If participation in a round is not possible, it is obligatory to withdraw.
    1. from a race day:
      • until latest 48 hours after the start of the round's race day (wednesday 20.15 h German time)
        Failure to withdraw from the race day results in 60 penalty points in the drivers' and 30 penalty points in the teams' championship respectively. In case of recurrence respectively further 60 penalty points in the drivers' and 30 penalty points in the teams' championship are added and the participant is disqualified from the remainder of the season.
      • Only once a season, a participant may be withdrawn from a race day in the respective thread on the board by someone else.
    2. from the season:
      • is always possible, but results in the removal from the championship and loss of all scored points.
      • Reentering the season is always possible. It will be dealt with like a new sign-up (no scored points, bottom grid or waiting list).

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II. Griddivision

  1. Greencards:
    • Participants who regularly completed the last season and competed in at least half of the rounds are granted a greencard. This also applies to race admins or other helpers, who couldn't actively compete in the CityLiga due to their commitment.
    • The greencard guarantees a slot in the lowest grid at the start of the season (even without participation in the first GQ).
  2. Size and number of grids:
    • At the beginning of the season, the grid size and number of grids will be determined through grid qualifying.
    • Size and number of grids are based on the amount of currently active drivers. an active driver is who:
      • - they have a Greencard from the last season (expires after GQ)
      • - they have participated in at least 2 of the last 3 races of the previous block (Race 1-3; 4-6; 7-9)
      • - they have set a lap time on at least one of GQ combos (only applicable for GQ)
    • All other participants that are registered for the season are considered to be momentarily "inactive".
    • During the season there will be three promotions and relegations after Round 3, 6 and 9 respectively. A fixed number of drivers will advance and be relegated (see table below).
      Grid SizePromoted/Relegated
      <20 3
      21-24 4
      25-28 5
      29-32 6
  3. Grid qualifying:
    • The grid qualifying (GQ) is used to distribute all participants of the season onto the various competition servers (= grids).
    • Grid Qualifying takes place at the start of the season.
    • The first two combos of the season will be used. Every driver, who has signed up for the season, will have a certain amount of attempts to set quick lap times (see race calendar).
    • In case a driver surmounts this number of laps the folling actions come into place:
      violation of limitdeletion
      Moreover the driver will be banned from the respective server for the remainder of the GridQualifying.
      up to 4 laps of the latest laps driven, until the given number of laps remain
      5-14 laps of the latest laps driven, until the given number of laps +1 is remaining and afterwards the fastest remaining lap
      15-24 laps of the latest laps driven, until the given number of laps +2 is remaining and afterwards the fastest remaining two laps
      et cetera ...
    • According to the best lap times of each driver they are now distributed onto the different grids as follows
  4. Grid building:
    • 4.1 First grid qualifying / Beginning of season:
      • All drivers with a time are assigned to the grids in ascending order of their best times.
      • All drivers holding a greencard, that did not score a time during GQ are assigned to the lowest grid.
      • Drivers without a driven time and without greencard build up a waiting list. A slot on the waiting list entitles for a start in the lowest grid, but it does not provide a guaranteed start (Starting is only possible if a seeded driver is absent).
    • 4.2 Promotion/Relegation during the season:
      • After every third round of the season, there will be promotions and relegations between the grids, during which a set number (see table) of the highest scoring and lowest scoring drivers (regardless whether active or not) will be promoted into the grid above or drop into the grid below. The determining factor will be the sum of the 2 best points scores of the last block. Should there be a tie, the third result will decide.
      • Drivers on the waiting list will also be considered when it comes to the points calculations in the lowest grid and will be able to advance into the next grid, or respectively, will become active drivers (provided they took part in 2 of the last 3 races).
      • After a round of promotions and relegations the inactive drivers will be moved to the waiting list.
  5. Grid merge:
    • Should the number of drivers within the grids (exluding the waiting list) drop below 41, then the race for both grids will take place on the same server, if the following conditions apply:
      • -the race format is a single race (no sprintevents)
    • Should both grids raced on the same server, it will be announced in the briefing thread for that round.
    • The points scores will still be seperate between both grids.
    • Should the total number of active drivers (excluding the waiting list) drop below 33, then the remaining drivers will all be merged into a single grid.

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III. Fairness

  • The on-track behaviour in CityLiga complies with the Rules of Clean Racing, emphasising that intentional ramming (even in pitlane) and unfair gameplay are prohibited.
  • This affects especially the ban of button clutching together with deactivated auto clutch. Who drives without automatic clutch, should show the admins convincingly that he uses a H-shifter and a clutch pedal (eg. by varying clutchingstrength and / or visible neutral between gears) otherwise he will be disqualified for the race.
  • The correct setup restrictions, as announced in the race calender (air restrictors, additional weights) are to be met at any time during the race day.
    Failure in a qualifying ⇒ last position on the starting grid of the race
    Failure in a race ⇒ immediate disqualification from the race
  • At pitlane exit the traffic on the racetrack has the right-of-way. Moreover the blend line towards the race track may not be crossed. On some race tracks the pit lane entry blend line may neither be crossed, but this will be announced in advance (race schedule and/or briefing)
    Crossing the blend line results in a drive-through penalty
  • Two tyres are to be kept on the race track, including cerbs, at any time! If a participant leaves the track with more tyres and gains an advantage, the latter has to be neutralised (for example: slowing down distictly, letting the fellow competitor pass again)
  • Neither the participant overtaking nor the one getting overtook has a right for the ideal line in any way. Both drivers have to be ready to yield to avoid an accident, no matter if they feel to be right after all.
  • Receiving blue flags, one has to let the overtaking car pass when there is space as soon as possible to avoid any disturbance. However the blue flagged car shall not pull over immediately. The faster participant shall be patient and overtake the blue flagged competitor fairly, not pushing him/her aside. That means lapping a competitor shall only be done at appropriate places, not, for example, in chicanes.
  • Yellow flags indicate a potential dangerous situation. Every participant shall be alert and prepare oneself for this situation.
  • A stationary car (e.g. run out of fuel) may be pushed by a fellow competitor, who has not crossed the finish line already. The pushing has must be excecuted in a way not endangering other cars, which still in the race.
  • 'Race admins' are in charge of CityLiga's race days. They shall ensure the correct course of events (as announced in the race calender) and keep an eye on the participants' behaviour, eventually penalising violations 'live'. Their orders must be obeyed! The decisions they make are factual and have to be accepted without discussion to not disturb the fellow competitors! Formal offenses (chatting, crossing pit exit line, ...) will be penalized with DT and SG. Crashes and other wrongdoing by drivers (for example behavior under blue flag) will no longer be immediatly penalized in the race, but the race admin can file a protest after the race, which will be discussed together with the driver protests on wednesday. Nonethelesss a raceadmin can DQ a driver durring the race if necessary.

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IV. Course of events

  1. Pre-event lap requirement:
    • The pre-event lap requirement is abolished.
    • Every participant is obliged to prepare himself for each race day according to his/her skills and to his/her experience, to assure a well-ordered competition for oneself and the fellow competitors.
      Failure to this rule will result in the race comission mandating a pre-evvent lap requirement for the respective participant.
  2. Schedule (given in German time):
    • from 20.00 h: Warm Up (joining the respective grid servers) - tracker doesn't update anymore (fastest lap)!
    • from 20.15 h: Briefing in TeamSpeak (final chance to answer questions)
    • at 20:30 h: Start of the race day according to the schedule
      From now on chats are closed and in the "Ruhe" channels on the TeamSpeak server talking is prohibited. Race admins can declare the chat open.
      Failure leads to warning, a drive-through penalty on second occasion and a disqualification on third occasion.
      Should the driver violate the closed chat being no longer active in the race, penalties are transfered to the next race.
  3. Qualifying:
    • Details like length and potential combinations of the following modes are announced in the race calender.
    • Penalties received during a qualifying (e.g. drive-through penalty for blend line violation) have to be served at the next possible occasion.
      Failure leads to disqualification from the running qualifying session and a start from the back of the grid in the race.
    • Race fuel/hardcore is an intensification of one of the following modes, on which the general process will follow:
      With joining the pitgarage for the first time in qualifying and until after the start of the race, jumping back to pits (via menu or 'shift+P/S') is prohibited. Regular pitstops are still allowed at any time. At the end of the qualifying session all cars complete the lap and gather in pitlane waiting for the race to start.
      Should a participant leave the session after exiting pitlane for the first time (via menu, 'Shift+P/S' or disconnect/time-out), he/she may not continue the session. He/She must wait for the race admin's order (usually during the lag lap) to rejoin the grid, effectively starting fom the back of the grid.
      Stop-and-go penalty at the start of the race.
      1. Tracker:
        • Starting line-up as per the listing of drivers in the tracker at the CL-homepage.
        • The data is based on the LFS World data, so laps can be driven on any server.
          On 'OpenConfigs' and custom car classes, laptimes are only scored on the LFS servers of the CityLiga. A participant with a mandated pre-event lap requirement must serve those on the CityLiga servers!
      2. Time limited:
        • unlimited number of laps within the time window.
          If announced in the race calender or briefing, jumping to the pitlane (via menu or 'shift+P/S') can be prohibited. All setup changes can only be done in normal pitstops.
          Jumping to pitlane leads to the end of one's session.
          Reentering the track after jumping to pitlane results in a disqualification from the qualifying and the start from the back of the grid.
      3. Lap limited:
        • All participants are spectating. The race admin calls out the drivers using TS or in-game chat. He/she decides how many and when cars may join the track.
        • An out-lap and the announced number of hot-laps has to be driven back-to-back. After crossing the timing line for the final time, the participant immediately joins the spectators again.
          too many laps ⇒ disqualification from the session, start from the back of the grid.
      4. 1/2-Shot:
        • The participant has the announced number of attemps for his fastest lap within a given time window. The point of time, when the participant leaves the pitlane is free of choice.
        • An attemp consists of an out-lap and a hot-lap, after which the paricipant joins the spectators. In the cause of qualfication, the pitlane must not be exited more times then the driver has attemps available.
          too many laps ⇒ disqualification from the session, start from the back of the grid.
      5. Sprint:
        • A sprint is no qualifying session in the narrower sense, but an 'ordanary', short race. The starting line-up is set as per the tracker's listing.
        • No points will be awarded. The sprint will only set the starting line-up for the actual race.
        • Retired participants are added to the grid in chonological order of their retirements.
    • The pitlane may not be exited during the break after the qualifying.
      Warning or disqualification from the session respectively.
  4. Race:
    • A 'laglap' will be done before the start of each race and it is a normal race start, but before the completion of the first lap the restart command will be used to initialise the proper start.
      Wrong starting line-ups can only be objected before the proper/"hot" start. In this exact case only, the closed chat may be ignored by the drivers, in any other moment a warning or drive-through will be issued.
    • Take care (especially at the start)! The race will not be restarted after the hot start. A race may be suspended, when technical problems or administration errors (an accidential restart command) provoke the involuntary retirement of a big, not specified, number of participants.
      The decision will be made by the raceadmin. If more than 75% race distance is complete, race administration reserve the right to declare the race complete at that time and full points are scored. Otherwise a race restart, postponing the race are possible or the race will not be scored. If possible, the procedures shall influence all grids equally.
      If the race leader has not yet completed the second lap of the race, rejoining the race is allowed once.
    • Penalties issued during the race must be served with the third chance to enter pitlane at latest. This means passing the pitlane entry twice is allowed.
      DT ⇒ SG, SG ⇒ DQ
      1. Mandatory pitstops:
        • Mandatory pitstops are not allowed during the last lap of the race.
        • Additional pitstop rules, such as a pitstop window, mandatory tyre change or mandatory pit time, will be announced in the race calendar and/or the drivers' briefing, if applied. Pitstops not fulfilling these additional rules, will be penalised.
          no pitstop done ⇒ disqualification
          pitstop not within the pitstop window ⇒ 15 second penalty added to the race time
          tyre's not changed during a pitstop with mandatory tyre change ⇒ 25 second penalty added to the race time
          pitstop too short ⇒ 20 seconds penalty + the cut time added to the racetime
          If multiple rules are violated, only the highest penalty will be issued (for example a pitstop outside the pitstop window without changing tires: 25 second penalty added to the race time).

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V. Scoring system

  1. Raceadmin subsitute:
    • LFS experienced people may subsitute a raceadmin, if he is absent.
    • A participant subsituting a raceadmin scores a compensation for this race. The compensation are the average points per raceday of the respective participant (total points divided by the number of participated racedays).
      Moreover for subsitutes the raceday will be counted as "participated" regarding the Greencards.
  2. Waiting list:
    • For drivers without a guaranteed grid slot, a waiting list will be used.
    • The waiting list is a subordinate list of participants of the lowest grid. If a regular participant of the lowest grid is absent, waiting list participants, when fulfilling all requirements, can be promoted into the grid for the very race day by 20:30 h German time.
    • Waiting list participants score points corresponding to the grid they drove in like regular participants. Moreover they can score 'effort points':
      • absence and withdrawal from the raceday ⇒ 1 effort point
      • presence at the raceday (LFS server/Teamspeak) ⇒ 2 effort points
    • Those points define the order of the waiting list participants and thereby the order in which they are promoted to the grid for the race day. In case of equalness, the date of sign-in is used as a tiebreaker.
      After missing two racedays without any effort point, the participant will be excludes fro mthe current season. Rejoining is possible at any time.
  3. Drivers' championship:
    • The CityLiga uses a drop result after the fourth and eighth race day. The drop result only considers the worst result of the season, scored at any point of the season.
    • To be classified in a race a participant has to cross the finish line. Drivers who have completed at least 75% of the race distance before dropping out are considered to have finished the race and will be ranked accordingly.

      Grid 1Grid 2Grid 3
      1. 300 210 144
      2. 288 204 138
      3. 282 198 132
      4. 276 192 126
      5. 270 186 120
      6. 264 180 114
      7. 258 174 108
      8. 252 168 102
      9. 246 162 96
      10. 240 156 90
      11. 234 150 84
      12. 228 144 78
      13. 222 138 72
      14. 216 132 66
      15. 210 126 60
      16. 204 120 54
      17. 198 114 48
      18. 192 108 48
      19. 186 102 42
      20. 180 96 42
      21. 174 90 36
      22. 168 84 36
      23. 162 78 30
      24. 156 72 30
      25. 150 66 24
      26. 144 60 24
      27. 138 54 18
      28. 132 48 18
      29. 126 42 12
      30. 120 36 12
      31. 114 30 6
      32. 108 24 6
      33.* 102 18 6
      34.* 96 12 6
      35.* 90 6 6
      36.* 84 6 6
      37.* 78 6 6
      38.* 72 6 6
      39.* 66 6 6
      40.* 60 6 6
    • * Positions 33 - 40 are only used in emergency, when grids are overcrowded.
  4. Team:
    • Points for the teams' championship are the driverpoints, there is no more separate teampointtable. The raceday points are calculated by the two best positioned members.
    • If a team's line-up changes, the points scored so far will stay unchanged and the change will affect the teams' championships from after the change.

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VI. Protests

  • Not during the race!
  • First off all the involved persons shall clarify the situation with each other. Communication has solved a great amount of conflicts.
  • Each participant has the chance to file a protest against scoring, decisions or race-incidents. This has to be done from Tuesday after the race 06:00 until Wednesday after the race 6:00 (German time). Protests are meant to deal with real offences and have to be pronounced in the corresponding thread of the CL-board with following details mandatory:
    Number of race and grid in the threadtitle
    name and starting number of all involved persons
    lap and part of the track (and ideally the timestamp from the replay)
    a brief and factual written description of the incident (please no videos, etc.)
    Protests done out of the timeframe or incomplete will be provided as soon as possible with an indication, but not treatened in any other way.
  • The claimant and the defendant must only write one single post onto each protest; posts from uninvolved persons will be deleted without a comment.
  • The committee -consisting of the raceadmins- will analyze the situation and make a decision.
  • The committee meets on Wednesdays after racingdays from 20.30 h (German time) on in CL-TS, to which the protest parties are invited per se. During this meeting, if possible, a decision should be made and announced afterwards within the corresponding thread of the CL-board.
    Should less than half of the committee members attend this meeting, it can be filled at short notice by members of the staff.

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Some final words:
The CityLiga is a plattform for hobby drivers in LFS, who want to compete each other with dedication. With all the rules and procedures in place, one shall not forget the fun factor. No matter what happens, take a deep breath and keep racing!
Your CityLiga-staff


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