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Gridqualifying Result

The gridqualifying for CityLiga season 23 is done and with overall 60 qualified drivers we will start with two well filled grids with 30 drivers each into the new season. The unlucky driver from last seasons final, P. Kubinji, showed an impressiv comeback. With an advantage of nearly one second to the second best gridquali driver, CoRe L. Kovàcs, he set a strong mark and emphasizied his title ambitions. Reigning champion CoRe C. Winkler landed in sixth position, just behind last seasons runner up [TC-R] Pete. A couple drivers returning after a long pause, like CityLiga orgamember HoR Ethi or the fickle Paddi4, also qualified for grid 1. The last one getting a desirable position in grid 1 is RG^Rony on position 30. In contrast to this we got the first one who didnt made it into grid 1. Surprisingly, this is the champion of CityLiga 21 !NF M. Mickiewicz. He will be anything but happy about this, but with his bad time in the GT2 it wasnt enough for grid 1.

Result of the Gridqualifying as PDF

Since we welcome some new drivers in CityLiga, we will follow up with a little schedule about the first race on monday:

  • - Warm up: until 20:15 (CEST) you can practice on the CityLiga Grid 1 and CityLiga Grid 2 Server. At 20:15 (CEST) you should be on the right grid server, so grid 1 drivers on the grid 1 server and grid 2 drivers on the grid 2 server. Be sure to have your right name on.

  • - Teamspeak briefing: starting 20:15 (CEST) we have a briefing in the CityLiga Teamspeak. This is not mandatory, but it also wont harm. If you go got any questions left, this is the last chance to ask them. After the briefing most of the drivers go into the grid channels on Teamspeak or leave the teamspeak. Should there be some time left between briefing and start of qualifying, it will be used for some test start.

  • - Qualifying: at 20:30 (MESZ) the qualifying begins. At this point the chat is closed. For the first race we have a 1 shot qualifying of 10 minutes. This means durring this 10 minutes you can decide yourself when you want to start you single try. One try consists of one outlap and one times lap. After your timed lap you have to jump to the pits / into spectatormode. After your try, your qualifying is over. Penalties you may get in qualifyine, also have to be served in qualifying. This could be LFS penalties for speeding in the pitlane, or penalties by admins, for crossing the pitexit blending line. Take care to leave enough space to other drivers in front of you when starting your timed lap. 10 minutes should be plenty to get a free undisturbed lap. After the qualifying there will be a small break. Durring this break the chat is open again. Please be sure to be on track in the pitlane before the announced race start.

  • - Laglap & race start: before every race there will be a laglap. This is the last test start. With the laglap the chat is closed again. You shouldnt leave the track or jump to the pits durring the laglap. Durring the lap, the admin restarts the race and therefore the real start commences. Remember you cant win a race in its first turn but only lose it, so be careful!

  • - The race: look out and act accordingly when you see yellow and blue flags durring the race. Since the first race takes place on an openconfig, there are only blue but no yellow flags. So have an eye on the track map or listen in Teamspeak.

  • - The second race: Since we have a sprint and a feature race in the first event, there is something special to think of after the first race. Stay on track after the first race until the admin ends the session. When the admin ends the session, he will build the grid for the second race. Since there will be no changes for the second race in the first event, this should happen really quick. After the grid is set, there will be a 5 minute break with open chat. The second race happens like the first race, so it will start again with a lag lap and after that the real start. Remember to do your mandatory 5 seconds pitstop in the second race. Don't cross the pit exit blend line when leaving the pitlane after your stop.

If you have any questions left, join the Teamspeak briefing on monday or ask in the forum.

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  • Ethi
    I'm so looking forward to have great races again :-)

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