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Gridqualifying under way

The first half of the grid qualifying for the Cityliga season 23 is nearly done. This means you got five days left to do a good lap on each of the two combos, so that we can sort you into a suitable grid. So far, only four drivers have set a time on both combos. But as seen in each season so far, the activity on the grid qualifying servers increases exponentially towards the end of the grid qualifying.

A look at the recent applications shows some familiar faces from past seasons. Including the reigning champion CoRe C. Winkler and also the runner-up last season [TC-R] Pete. Some longstanding Cityliga drivers are however still missing, but we are confident that their applications will also come soon. Thanks to the Cityliga Sprint Races and the two funevents of [TC-R] before the season, we welcome some new faces from the cruising scene. We hope you will have some racing fun with us in the Cityliga. Already on monday the first CLSR event takes place on the first race combo. As usual every CL driver as well as every LFS driver in general, is invited to join the sprint races on the [TC-R] Racing server.

In total we have 57 registrations for the season so far. With one or the other, which is sure to come, we will have two well-filled grids again for the first race of the season on the 22nd August. We also have a little surprise. Ronald plans to revive his well known LFS report after a one year break. So you can again look forward to a small race summary after the races.

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